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Our company was established in 1974 as İnş. Eng. It was founded by Veysel ÇALIŞKAN in Istanbul. Our company, which has grown over the years, has started to operate in the fields of office furniture and home furniture. It has adopted many firsts in our country as a principle. Seeking quality and the best has brought along an increase in customer expectations with the increase in customer demand over time.

For this reason, our company moved to its factory in Dudullu in 1994 in order to increase the quality of office furniture production and to meet customer needs more easily.It is one of the two companies that brought the first CNC Machine to our country in 1996. In the 2000s, our company, which sells office furniture products in many locations from Istanbul to Van, has also started to establish its own OFFICE FURNITURE stores in Gebze, Maltepe, İçerenköy, Masko, which opened in Istanbul over the years. and Modoko stores, aimed to better serve the demands of retail customers.

Our company, which went to restructuring in 2004, has increased its project-oriented work in office furniture. In order to ensure that companies stand out from the usual and standard furniture as an image, our company has started to produce special furniture in accordance with the identity of the company. continues to support companies with high levels with special projects.

Our company employees, who serve as close friends to each customer, work diligently, diligently and with pleasure in every new office we work on with the portrait of a painter. The compliments we receive from our customers at the end of our work are our greatest source of motivation in our work.

In order to register its quality in BÜRO FURNITURE, our company received the MGB Assurance Certificate and the TSE Quality Certificate in addition to the MEP Assurance Certificates in 2012. Opened in 2012, Modoko Exc. has added new top-class products such as wooden chair tables and massive chair groups to its products such as office sets, work tables, meeting tables, counters, office chairs, office sofas in OFFICE FURNITURE.

Our company designs health-friendly products that are becoming more important day by day with the use of apparatuses that increase functionality, functionality and work performance in their designs. In our age, it is very easy to reach technology, so users can access detailed information about the products much more easily and get informed about the products. However, unfortunately, office furniture is still seen as 1 table and 1 chair, causing the products to be preferred from ordinary places that do not comply with the standards. As a result, users who spend more and more time at the desk every day may experience many health problems, especially back and waist, due to poor quality tables and seats.
Our company does not use such products, and it does its part in protecting the productivity of the company and their own health by offering healthy products with all kinds of quality certificates, which have been proven by the German National Back Health Association (IGR) to reduce back problems in the continuous session.

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